Product and branding for a new chocolate brand.
We think it needs good storytelling to create a product that reaches minds and hearts and stays there.

With Kumpel, we infused this storytelling in every part of the product.
The chocolate bar reminds us of the walls of coal in the mines under our feet.

Breaking the bar, you‘ll never end up with a fair split. You‘ll have to  give more than keep for yourself.

Which is a good thing.
Even after eating, the story continues.

Re-use the package for your lunchbreak sandwich.
A comprehensive and honest storytelling wins minds and hearts. Kumpel was conceived in 2019 by Moritz Gutscher and me. Our Partner Ruth Schokoladenfabrik in Bochum provides the best product. In the last three years, Kumpel became a household brand in the Ruhr Metropole.
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